Since opening Team Financial Strategies in April of 2005 we have developed sound investment management strategies that we manage within client portfolios and for institutional investors. For a brief description of each strategy click here. To inquire further, please contact our investment team at 325-480-1587.

Texas Companies — In 2012 our team began to look at the growth opportunities we could see with our own eyes right here in our home state. Our research indicated that Texas companies have a long history of offering very good long term investment opportunity. In September of 2013 we became the sub-advisor to The Texas Fund (BIGTX) that we helped launch through the Monteagle Family of funds. We already knew a lot about Texas before launching this strategy. Our group is where you should turn if you are interested in investing in Texas companies.

TFS Large Cap — The TFS Large Cap strategy looks at the fundamentals of the largest 100 companies traded in the US to pick 20 or fewer names that we believe to be the best all-around buys for value while considering financial stability and growth prospects.

TFS Capital Growth – The TFS Capital Growth strategy includes a unique approach at looking at growth in capital investments made by the largest US companies while also measuring the company’s ability to turn those investments into profits over time.